Free Stretchy Hire

Now I don’t know about you but some of my fondest memories of my children when they were teeny are generally sling related. Trips out to the supermarket with a squish snuggled in the sling or doing something in the house whilst they nap. I kept them close and I loved every minute of it. Well the main reason we do what we do with the library is so that IMG_0699others can make those amazing memories too.

To help with this we have just set up our free stretchy hire scheme. If you have a baby who is under 6 weeks old, then you can come to any sling library session and hire a stretchy wrap for 4 weeks completely free! We will show you how to use the wrap and give you a chance to have a go with a doll before you try it out with your baby. All we ask is that you provide proof of address and some form of photographic ID. We also ask that you leave a £20 deposit which is returned once you return the sling. This is open to anyone in the Morecambe Bay area and surrounding areas. Don’t think its something we want to keep hush hush, tell EVERYONE!!!

We want as many babies carried as possible. We would love it if you made some of the memories with your children that we hold so very dear x