The cost of hires is going up!

From the 1st of September, we will be increasing our monthly hire fees to £14 for non member hire, or £7 for member hire, and this is why….

Did you know that currently we have one of the lowest sling hire fees in the UK, and that will still be the case even after our prices increase?!

It is really important to the team at MBS CIC that we are affordable and accessible by all who may need us, hence our free stretchy wrap hire scheme and our very low hire fees. Until very recently we have not had to pay any  room hire fees at The Cornerstone, but that changed at the beginning of August and we now need to pay an hourly rate to use the room.

What do we spend your hire fees on? The answer is simple, more slings! The library is growing incredibly quickly, and we need to buy more slings on a regular basis to keep up with demand. So the increase in fees will help us keep on top of both the room hire and the addition of new slings, giving you choice and variety to ensure you get the best fit for you and your child.

The team that help you out are all volunteers too, we take nothing from the sling library except the occasional free hire, the warm feeling inside that we get when we help someone, and the sense of community we get from working in a great team.

So with all of that in mind, I hope you will agree that the extra couple of pounds for a month of slingy cuddles is money well spent!