Sling School

Welcome to Morecambe Bay Sling School

When you train with Morecambe Bay Sling School you not only gain the skills to confidently teach others how to carry their children, you become part of a wider family of carrying professionals giving on going support throughout your carrying journey. Our aim is to empower parents to be confident in their carrying journey, not to overwhelm them and this is heavily embedded within our training courses

We are a newly formed Sling School but that does not mean that we are inexperienced. All of our trainers have many years of hands on experience teaching others to carry their children. Each trainer has their own unique skills to offer and we will help match you with a trainer that best suits your needs.

What makes us different?

There are many Schools out there so what makes us at Morecambe Bay Sling School different?

  • Our trainers are qualified teachers with years of experience including post16 experience
  • Online safety and positioning course which can be revisited at no extra cost
  • Strong emphasis on safety which gives you tools to use to empower parents to assess safety for themselves
  • Support videos allowing you to revisit the teaching methods
  • Tutorial videos for customersĀ supporting your teaching
  • Continual online support so you can access it wherever you are
  • Giving you confidence in your ability to go out and enable families on their carrying journey

How to book

For more information and to book a peer supporter course with Morecambe Bay Sling School you can contact us at